Lift controllers

Controller for escalators and travelators

Lift controllers EQ


Controllers for homelifts

Lift controllers EQ


Controllers for traditional electric lifts

Lift controllers EQ


Controllers for hydraulic Lifts

Lift controllers EQ


MRL controllers

Lift controllers EQ


ELETTROQUADRI plans and creates control cabinets for all kinds of lift system thanks to its know-how and lines of production:
• Hydraulic or electric home lifts, with Geared or Gearless motors, with manual or automatic doors.
• Traditional electric lifts with Geared or Gearless motors, with machine room or MRL with speed up to 4,0 m/s.
• Hydraulic lifts inside technical cabinet or with machine room, with all kinds of pump unit.
• Escalators and travelators

Type of control:
•SAPB with car reservation
•Simplex down or up and down collective
•Duplo with landing calls interlock
•Duplo with nearest car arrival and car call registration
•Duplex down or up and down collective 
•Triplex  up and down collective
•Four car group up and down collective
Number of stops up to 32 with MP2 and MP3 board

Wiring connection between controller-car controller-landing stations:
• Traditional parallel wiring with MP2 board
• Controller-car serial communication with MP2 board
• Controller-car-landing stations full serial communication with MP3 board
The possibility of adjusting the parameters and the fault finding display are just two of the several functions that MP2 and MP3 microprocessor boards can offer the technician.
• Reed contacts and plastoferrites
• Absolute encoder
• Incremental encoder
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